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Hey there! 

Born in Albania and raised in New York. I always loved business developments and marketing. I went from traveling the world as a professional Albanian singer to running my own company at www.voltekit.com

Having had Aidan March 2019 & Jaden September 2020 has not stopped me from holding off on my career. The IT industry is at its most time high with so many learning and working remotely. Soon, I will be launching a nonprofit organization that will be focusing on helping sexually abused children. 

My passion is to inspire & encourage you to succeed in your careers while caring for kids and family. I encounter uncountable challenges related to the entrepreneurial journey during the day, so I decided to share my tips and tools with other working moms. Through my blog and social media platforms, I inspire women to find their balance with lifestyle, a positive mindset, and efficient efficiency while enjoying life. Because… Mama, we got this!

Sharing my lifestyle and experiences will help other moms empower themselves and motivate them to follow their dreams. I feel like I have found my purpose, and this purpose is striving to succeed and find new ways each day.

Follow me on my journey so we can inspire one another as we enjoy life.


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