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Jaden was born on September 2nd, 2020, weighed 8lbs 10oz (3910gr) and 20.5 inches (52cm). I had scheduled a C-section that day. I  only waited eight months between pregnancy, and the fact that the baby measured over 8lbs (3900gr) would have been a high chance of complications.  The doctor did not want to put me at any risk or the baby of my scar erupting. 

So many moms have asked me about having a baby during a pandemic. Let me tell you that Jaden’s birth was such a different experience than my first birth of Aidan. With Aidan, my husband was there for every doctor’s visit. We used to call it “Date night with Baby A” each time we went for a sonogram. It was enjoyable listening to his little heartbeat together. Just us the journey together hand in hand, waiting for a little one.   

Jadens‘ pregnancy fell during the pandemic. It was scary enough what was going on in the world that we quarantined ourselves for three months. My husband was not allowed to come to any of the doctor’s visits. It felt like that experience we were used to with Aidan was taken away. Date nights with Baby Jaden were only between Jaden and me, and it was more like in and out. I felt a bit scared and lonely. This journey was long. Nine months of pregnancy, when quarantined, feel more like a lifetime.  

Day of surgery, we were tested for COVID 19 and a lot of other tests.  While waiting for results, that is when the anxiety kicks in. What will the baby look like? Will I be in pain? How long till I’m able to hold him in my arms?  Five and a half hours later, we are in the delivery room, ready for the C-section. At least my husband was allowed to come to the delivery room but could not leave the hospital. I mean, where was he going. I could finally have him all to myself.   

Once Jaden arrived, they handed him to my husband, who had to keep 6 feet of distance from me. He brought Jaden close to my face to have a few seconds with him, but there was no skin to skin like usual with the Aidan birth. The next time I got to see my little man was 2 hours later. Two hours for a mother who has been waiting 39 weeks to kiss and hold her baby seem like a lifetime. I am sure some of you know that feeling.  This time around, they only kept us for two days instead of their normal four days. They want to make sure you are in and out safe. I was glad to be home to Aidan, but the recovery stage at home isn’t the same as a recovery in the hospital where you have so many taking care of you. 

The whole experience was very rushed. Luckily, we had a private suite and felt very comfortable being around the same staff we had 17 months prior, when we had Aidan. The hospital served a special dinner the night before going home for the two of us. How can you not enjoy some lamb chops and skirt steak after having a baby? It was so lovely of them to make sure we celebrate the baby’s arrival.  After two long days away from home, we brought Baby Jaden home to meet baby Aidan. 

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