Aidan meets Jaden...

How I prepared and introduced my newborn (Jaden) to my toddler (Aidan)

The most asked question I have been getting since giving birth to Jaden is, how is Aidan reacting to having baby Jaden at home. I wondered throughout my pregnancy a lot how it would be and read a lot about preparing for it—trying to be ahead of the game. The introduction was very easy; maybe it was all the preparation that I thought I did for it, but his personality helped a lot.  

After arriving home from the hospital, we had my sister pick up Aidan at daycare. Once, he opened the door and saw us after two days away from him (btw the most challenging thing ever lol). He stared at us and walked right over. He stared at the baby in our lap and started petting him. We usually tell him to pet Sasi (my sister’s dog), so we don’t have any incidences. Few mins after, we weren’t giving a lot of attention to either one. Aidan sat on the couch and asked for the baby to place him in his lap. Well, it went more like pointing at the baby, yelling thisssssss and then pointing on his lap and yelling some more thisssssssss. Yes, that is how we communicate in this household by yelling thisss and this and this. After we placed the baby in his lap for a few minutes, we told him repeatedly. Aidan look this is your baby. Jaden is your baby. Aidan just laughed. All he does is smile the happy baby.

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So far, Aidan is having a routine with his baby brother. Every morning he comes into our room, walks straight to Jaden kisses him, and makes sure he covers him with the blanket or every time he leaves and comes back from daycare. We kept saying kiss baby and say bye, so now that is part of his routine.  

We will continue to push Aidan and teach him that his brother is his best friend. It is a blessing that they will be close in age, and hopefully, even in the long run, there would be no jealousy with one another. I hope they don’t start pulling each other’s hair. Some of the things I hear my friends say about how their kids act with one another could get a little scary.  

If you’re getting ready to introduce a new baby into your family, I used a few tips. Just remember every family is different and every toddler/kid will handle welcoming a new sibling differently. 

Talk to Your Toddler  

The easiest places to start preparing for your family will change to talk to your toddler. I would take Aidan and place him next to me and make him touch my belly. I would tell him this is your best friend in there. He started finding it so funny that would poke my belly button, and I would say, be careful you baby, your best friend is in there. Try to keep conversations about the baby light and positive. 

Make Any Physical Changes before bringing the baby home.  

We started making changes and adding little by little things that we needed for the baby, but at the same time, something more grown-up for Aidan and we would tell him to look, this is for you, this is for the baby. So, he would understand that the baby is getting new things, but so is he. This would not affect him when the baby arrives that we are using his stuff as well. He would know that he would also receive something new if he is handing something down or seeing something new.  

Give a Sibling Gift  

If you are buying for the new baby, you can also get something for the toddler. I would always say that the baby in the stomach bought it for him. Aidan is only 18 months now, so he still doesn’t understand. Some of you might have older kids, but how you act around them and how you treat them now will affect you and them forever. Its at best to teach them structure before you have to suffer for the rest of your life. I am so hoping no fighting or hairpulling unless I get to join in the fun lol.  

How was/is your experience?

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